What is One Merit Badges? One Merit Badges is what we like to call an "organic” life skills education system.  What that means is that it integrates naturally into your school’s curriculum, classes and daily operations. Your students, staff and families are learning about and living life skills 24/7 while in your school versus just being sent home with a task list to do with their parents.


What makes One Merit Badges unique? Unlike most character development programs, One Merit Badges is not simply task driven; it is based upon a philosophy that through practice habits are formed.  For example, if you are on the focus life skill, then everybody from your students to your teaching staff to your front desk, are actively learning, practicing and living that life skill until it becomes a habit.


Is there an on-going membership? No.  You simply purchase as you go.  


How do I access the support materials for the badges?  Once you have made a purchase with support materials at our online store, you will receive an email with a link for you to download your printable support materials.


How long do I have access to the support materials for any given badge? Indefinitely. Once you've purchased support materials, you will have access to them indefinitely at no recurring cost.


How does a student earn a badge?  There are many ways a student can earn a badge.  There is not one set way.  This is by design so everyone in your school is more focused on learning a life skill and making it a habit versus simply fulfilling a list of tasks to earn a reward. They could earn it in class, at home, at a birthday party, buddy day or any other special event.  They could earn it for displaying a particular life skill while in the school and the instructor takes notice.  They could earn it if a parent lets you know their child displays a behavior cnsistent with a life-skill at home.  Creatively, your personal vision can be utilized on how you choose for your students to earn badges. The goal is to fully integrate One Merit Badges organically into every aspect of your school.


When do I award the badges?  Typically, at the end of a class. I’ve also awarded them during class as soon as I notice a student displaying excellence with a particular life-skill. This one simple gesture of acknowledgment has the power has to turn a mediocre class into an awesome one because now everybody in class wants to earn a badge for displaying a certain life-skill throughout class.


Can a student earn the same badge more than once during the time period for that life skill? Absolutely.  I’ve had students earn several of the same badge during the two week period we are working on that life-skill.


How often and how long should a life skill we worked on?  It is highly recommended every two weeks.  That gives you enough time to instill the habit or as I say, "To plant the seed” in your students. Any longer and your student may lose interest.  And remember, you will eventually get around to that skill again.


Should I charge my student’s for the badges?  No.  They should earn it.


What if a student loses a badge and wants another?  If they lose it, we sell them a replacement badge for $1.99 plus tax.


Where do the students put the badges on their uniform?  Most will put it on the sleeves of their uniform. They are also designed to fit on a belt as well for the schools in certain organizations that aren’t allowed to put anything but regulation patches on their uniform. Some schools have their students wear t-shirts, so then they put the badges on their pant legs. I’ve even seen it put on the lapel of the uniform top. One school chose to have their students put them on a "High school letter type jacket” that they sold exclusively in their pro shop.  What a great built-in revenue generator.


Are the badges iron on or do they have to be sewn on? When we first created the badges, they were iron on.  Then I noticed kids coming into class with white glue marks where the badge had been and had fallen off.  That’s when the realization that doing things the right way is the better way and they should be sewn on, which is more permanent.  We present it the same way to our parents when they wrinkle their nose about having to sew the badges on.  We say, "In our school, we want to teach our students and share with our parents, that doing things the right way is the better way.”  They get it and end up valuing your school more for having this philosophy.


How can I get more ideas on integrating the One Merit Badge program in my school?  We, at One Merit Badges are passionate about  what we term, "customer success.”  We help insure your success with our program by offering personal consultations, webinars and staff training via internet and by phone with our knowledgeable and caring associates.


How can I get more ideas on integrating the parents into the program?  The best way to integrate your parents into the One Merit Badges program is from day one when they first sign up. As you are giving the student their uniform and the parent is filling out paperwork, take the "Family” merit badge and say the following to the student in front of the parent; "In our school we love to earn our merit badges, and the most important badge you can earn is the family badge because in our school family is the most important part of our lives.  But I cannot give you this badge because you have to earn it at home from your parent.” Then you give the "Student and Parent Handout" for the family badge to the parent and encourage them to make their child earn it home. 

Another way to integrate the parents is to pass out the "Student & Parent Handout” in all your classes, send it via email and always have it available on hand. This handout is a vital element of the support materials.  It helps parents view your school as leader in life-skills education in your community.  I say it all the time, "What we teach is so much more than just punching and kicking.  We provide your child with the life-skills education they need to do better at home, school and in life.” It also offers the student an opportunity to earn badges at home from their parents when they don’t earn them in class.  This is important because the challenge when a child does not earn badges in class, is that they often feel dejected. It also insures that the life-skills you teach do not begin and end in your school.  How often have you heard a parent say, "I wish my child was as well-behaved at home as they are at your school.”  By providing your parents with this handout offers them the opportunity to make sure the life-skills you teach helps translate at home, in a restaurant, a store, etc.  

Here are some tips for the Student & Parent handout:

1)    Pass out the handout to your parents and post it at your website with every badge you work on in your classes.

2)    Encourage your parents to make their child earn their badges at home if they don’t earn them in class. 

3)    Ask your parents to read through the handout and apply it to the dynamics of their household.

4)    DO NOT make up a list of tasks for your students to do at home to earn their badges.  Why?  Because you should not police your parents or tell them how to parent their child.

5)    Once they believe their child has earned a badge, they simply notify their child’s instructor and they will award it to them at the end of class in front of the whole class, making that parent proud. 


Is there a full list of all the badges offered? Yes. Please go to the online store at:  where you can view "badges only” and "badges with support materials.”


Is there a specific order in which I should implement the badges in my school?  It is recommended you start with "Focus,” because it is the foundation of many other life-skills such as balance, discipline and control. From there, it should be based upon your school’s core values and the culture of community you want to create.


Do I have the ability to customize my starter kit or any variety of badges I would like to order? Yes.  We currently have 44 merit badges with support materials, 9 custom kits, and 60 badges total. You may customize your program with any of the badges we currently offer. We highly recommend the 6 life-skills that come with the "Basic Starter Kit.” When we designed it, it was based upon the 6 life-skills we felt are the building blocks of the martial arts and the foundation for all other life-skills. 

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  • Family
  • Confidence
  • Focus
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Teamwork